Pregnancy Care in Holland

In the Netherlands we believe that being pregnant and giving birth is a natural and normal event. Therefore the majority of pregnant women will be under the care of a midwife as part of a midwifery practice in her area. Midwives will care for you throughout your pregnancy, birth and the immediate postnatal period. Through risk selection the midwives make sure that you receive the most appropriate care for you and your baby. Sometimes, this means that you will also need to receive care from an obstetrician/gynaecologist during your pregnancy and birth. If this is the case, the midwife looking after you will discuss this with you and if you agree, she will arrange the referral to the obstetrician.

Our midwifery practice is part of ‘Annature Geboortezorg’, which means we work closely with the obstetricians of the hospital and we can consult with an obstetrician at any time of the day and night to discuss any queries/issues that may arise.

Frequent consultations

When you are under our care, we will see you approximately 12 times during your pregnancy when we will discuss your needs, wishes and questions and do a physical check on you and your baby. We will also explain to you the standard medical tests, such as blood tests and ultrasounds, available to you. In the Netherlands you are offered an ultrasound around 12 weeks gestation to estimate the due date and a more detailed ultrasound around 20 weeks gestation where they check the baby for any detectable abnormalities. Any additional ultrasounds are on request by the midwife (i.e. blood loss, growth or foetal positioning).  More information on ultrasounds will be given when you see us at your first appointment. We will also book in a separate appointment to explain to you all of the offered prenatal screenings so you can make an informed choice that is right for you. Should it become necessary to have regular obstetrician involvement, we can discuss the possibility of shared care.

Please be aware that medical care is not free in the Netherlands and it is expected that you have health insurance. If you are just in the Netherlands for a short period of time, please check with your travel insurance or other form of health insurance available to non-Dutch nationals who reside in the Netherlands temporarily. Additionally, you will incur a cost if you go to the hospital directly, without a referral from your GP or midwife.