Postnatal Care

The postnatal period is a very special time for you and your baby to bond and get to know each other. The Netherlands is very unique in that. They have a special maternity care assistant, or a ‘kraamverzorgster’. She can support you and your family at home for 3-8 hrs a day, for the first 8-10 days after giving birth. She will check how you and your baby are doing; help with feeding, changing and bathing, as well as small household tasks. Should she have any concerns, she will liaise with us. Additionally, we will also visit up to 4 times to make sure you and your baby are thriving. There is typically a small cost for the kraamverzorgster, with the rest being covered by your health insurance.



We have several wonderful courses that are held at our practice. Whilst they are not necessarily held in English, they are a great way to meet other pregnant women in Breda. Some courses are available in English. Please ask your midwives about the courses/information evenings available.


Carrying your baby close to you is a wonderful and practical way to bond and help your little one explore the world while in close and safe proximity. There are many different slings to suit many different needs. Natalie is a babywearing consultant who can help find the best sling for you, while increasing your confidence to carry. Please speak to us if you are interested.